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Nicholas R. Nikolov, M.D.

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If you’re uncomfortable with the size, shape, or function of your nose, rhinoplasty -- commonly known as a “nose job” -- may be the solution. Dr. Nicholas Nikolov offers expert rhinoplasty procedures at The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California. Call the office or book an appointment online to consult with Dr. Nikolov and find out how he can help you get a nose that enhances your face.


What are the goals of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can serve several cosmetic and functional purposes. These include:

  • Increasing or reducing the size of your nose
  • Changing the shape of the tip or the bridge
  • Narrowing the space between your nostrils
  • Changing the angle between the nose and upper lip

Rhinoplasty can also correct a birth defect or a nose altered by injury, or relieve certain breathing problems.

Who is a candidate for rhinoplasty?

The best candidates for rhinoplasty have a reasonable expectation from the surgery and understand how it can enhance your appearance and self-confidence. If you’re looking for an aesthetic improvement, but not perfection, rhinoplasty is for you. Dr. Nikolov evaluates your facial structure, the structure of your nose, and your goals to determine if the surgery is right for you.

You must be healthy and psychologically stable before undergoing the surgery. Dr. Nikolov may also consider your age before scheduling you for surgery. For teens, girls may need to wait until around age 14 or 15, when they’ve finished the majority of their growth, while boys need to wait a little bit longer until nasal growth is complete.

What should I expect during a nose job?

You’re placed under general or sometimes local anesthesia – depending on the extent of your procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Nikolov makes incisions within your nostrils and possibly across the base of your nose. He reshapes the inner bone and cartilage to create the look and function you’re after.

What is recovery like following rhinoplasty?

You usually go home the same day as your rhinoplasty surgery. You’ll have some swelling and bruising after the surgery, especially around your eyes, that is most severe for the first three days and may last up to two weeks. Dr. Nikolov may have you wear a nasal splint for the first week after the surgery.

You need to avoid strenuous activity for three to six weeks following rhinoplasty, but social activities may be resumed after about three weeks. Very minor swelling may persist for up to six months, when you can see the final result of your surgery.

To learn more about rhinoplasty and how it can enhance your look, call The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery or book a consultation online.