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If you have bothersome bags or excess skin around your eyes, an eye lift (blepharoplasty) may be the right procedure for you. At The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov offers eye lifts to improve your look and even enhance sight in people who have vision impairment due to sagging skin. Call the office or book a consultation online to learn how an eye lift can help you.

Eye Lift / Blepharoplasty

What causes eyelids to droop?

Drooping eyelids and the development of puffy bags under the eyes can be a natural effect of aging. As gravity pulls the skin down, it collects on the upper and lower lids. In some cases, the extra skin can hang over your eyelashes and interfere with sight.

What is an eye lift?

An eye lift is eyelid surgery that removes fat, excess skin, and muscle from your lower and upper eyelids. It corrects drooping lids and abnormally puffy bags underneath your eyes.

An eye lift cannot reduce the appearance of wrinkles or dark circles, however.

Who is a candidate for an eye lift?

You should be in generally good health, physically and psychologically, to undergo an eye lift. The eye lift cannot change your features or create a completely different look. Dr. Nikolov can help you envision the effects of an eye lift to determine if it’s the right procedure to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Most adults who seek an eye lift are age 35 or older. If you’re bothered by droopy, baggy eyelids, however, an eye lift may be appropriate at any age.

How long do the effects of eyelid surgery last?

The positive effects of upper eyelid surgery last five to seven years, while lower eyelid surgery is usually lasting and doesn’t need to be repeated. Blepharoplasty cannot halt the aging process, however.

What should I expect during an eye lift?

The entire surgery usually takes two hours when both your upper and lower lids are done at the same time. You usually have just local anesthesia around your eyes and mild sedation during the procedure.

To address the upper lids, Dr. Nikolov cuts along the natural lines of your eyelids, then removes any excess tissue. He uses extremely small stitches to close the incisions. The stitches stay in place for three to six days.

Dr. Nikolov uses one of two procedures to address the lower eyelids. He may make an incision on your lower eyelid to remove fat. The advantage of this procedure is that the cut is invisible. Alternatively, he may make a cut along the eyelash area, and this incision fades in a short time.

How long does it take to recover from eyelid surgery?

Following surgery, you have some swelling and possible bruising around your eyes. Any stitches may remain in place for up to a week. After a week or two, you should heal completely.  

To learn more about eye lift surgery, call The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery or book an appointment online.