The N Peel


The N Peel
 is a new treatment created by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon,Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, M.D., for the reduction of hyper pigmentatiaon or discoloration of the skin. This revolutionary new peel is very effective in the improvement of dark patches of the skin and blemishes without undergoing laser or chemical peels.

This treatment is specifically for patients with particularly resistant pigmentation problems who want to avoid surgery. The N Peel acts on the brown patches in the skin (melasma and chloasma) to deter the development of melanin production. In addition, it accelerates cell turnover where the pigment cells on the surface are sloughed off leaving a soft, even toned skin free of blemishes. This treatment is a convenient way to treat the unsightly brown spots on the face, neck, décolleté and hands to restore the skin’s luminosity.

You and Dr. Nikolov can decide how aggressively you wish to treat the skin discoloration. You may choose to take a milder or stronger course by the amount of time you leave on the peel mixture. Improvement can be seen in some cases in as little as 2 weeks and is very effective for acne patients as well.

This treatment is also compatible with most skin types and has a high safety margin.

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