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If you are seeking a refreshed and more youthful look in that area above the eyes, you will want to look into the procedure known as a “brow lift“. It does great work in improving those horizontal furrows and lines that make one look tired, sad or angry, and it greatly corrects those drooping brows.

In a brow lift, to raise the eyebrows, smooth the forehead and minimize any frown lines, the tissues and muscles causing the drooping or furrowing are removed or altered. The conventional surgical method may be used by Dr. Nikolov, which is just behind the hairline that the incision is hidden; or it might be performed with an endoscope being employed, which is a viewing instrument permitting only minimal incisions to be performed in the procedure. Similar results come from both techniques which include a more animated appearance and much smoother forehead skin.



It is to minimize the visible aging effects that a brow lift is most commonly performed, making those in the 40-60 age range the most appropriate candidates. Of course, those of any age who due to stress or muscle activity have developed frown lines or furrows may also be helped by the procedure. Having this done is a positive for those with inherited conditions like furrowed lines above the nose or a low, heavy brow. They can and will gain a more alert and refreshed look with this procedure.

To provide a smoother overall look to the face, a brow lift is very often performed in conjunction with a facelift. And should a person have significant overhang in the upper eyelids, along with the brow lift eyelid surgery(blepharoplasty) may also be performed. Very often those patients thinking that upper-eyelid surgery is vital for them will find that their surgical goals are in fact better met by a forehead lift instead.

Still other potentially good candidates for a brow lift may be patients with a receding hairline, or that are bald. Some of these may have already had previous upper-eyelid surgery already. The surgeon will simply perform a more conservative operation or alter the incision location.



There are complications and risks that can be involved with plastic surgery, just as with any type of surgery. On a number of different factors the degree of risk will depend. Included in these will be the level of experience of the surgeon, the person having the procedures overall health and whether the surgery is to a large or small area of tissue.

Specific risks are carried by some procedures, but general risks include scarring, infection and due to a restricted blood supply, the failure of the repaired area of skin.

With each and every procedure, Dr. Nikolov takes great care and pride to minimalize any and all risks!



If you want to see how a brow lift may change your appearance and get a better understanding of this, above your eyebrows, at the outer edges of your eyes, place the palms of your hands. draw the skin up gently to raise the forehead andbrow area. What you see is approximately what will be done for you by a forehead lift.

Dr. Nikolov is going to discuss your goals for the surgery, during your consultation, and ask you about certain medical conditions which during the procedure may cause problems like blood-clotting problems, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or the tendency for large scars to develop. Be certain you let the surgeon know if you smoke, have had previous facial surgery, or if you take any medications or drugs including aspirin or any other drugs which might affect clotting.

Dr. Nikolov is going to explain the technique should you decide to proceed with the brow lift, along with the anesthesia that is recommended, the facility where the surgery will be performed, the costs and any risks that may be involved. Ask Dr. Nikolov any questions or concerns that you may have and any concerns or expectations you may be harboring.



You are going to get specific instructions from Dr. Nikilov on just how to get ready for the procedure. Included in this will be specific guidelines on drinking, eating, smoking and avoiding certain medications and vitamins. Following these specifics will assist your surgery and recovery to go smoothly. Keep in mind that if your hair is currently short, you may want to let it grow as much as possible prior to surgery so that while the scars are healing, it will be long enough to hide them as best as possible.

Whether you have your surgery in a hospital or an outpatient facility, make arrangements for someone to drive you home when the surgery is completed and also have them available to assist you for a day or two.

Where The Performance Of The Surgery Will Take Place

Typically, the surgery will take place in the  office-based facility of the surgeon or at an outpatient surgery center. There are occasions though when a hospital will be used to perform the surgery.

Anesthesia Employed For The Procedure

Under local anesthesia, most brow lifts are performed and a sedative to make you drowsy is also combined. You are going to be relaxed but awake and your forehead will be insensitive to pain although you may feel some mild discomfort and tugging.

General anesthesia is what Dr. Nikolov prefers to use and in this case you would sleep during the entire course of the operation.



Step One

The brow lift that is a classic: Before the start of the operation, on either side of the incision line your hair will be tied with rubber bands. No shaving of your head will be done, but there will be trimming of any hair directly in front of the incision line.

A coronal incision will be used for the majority of patients. A headphone-like pattern is what it follows, at about ear level it will start and then run across the forehead top and then down the other side of the head. So that the scar will not be visible, it is well behind the hairline where the incision is usually made.

The incision might be placed just at the hairline, if your hairline is receding or high, to avoid adding to the forehead even more height. In those patients who are losing hair or are bald, a mid-scalp incision is sometimes recommended because it follows the natural pattern of the skull bones. Most scars become relatively inconspicuous, when you wear your hair down on your forehead. In male patients, for concealing the scar special planning may be required if the hairstyles do not cover the incision area well.

Step Two 

Dr. Nikolov might recommend a mid-scalp incision, if you have thinning hair or are bald, so that the resulting scar will be less conspicuous because it will follow the natural junction of two bones. The skin of the forehead will be carefullylifted, working through the incision, so that the forehead muscles can be released or altered and the underlying tissue can be removed. And to help create a smoother and more youthful appearance, the eyebrows may be elevated and at the incision point, excess skin will be trimmed away. Then with clips or stitches the incision will be closed. To prevent irritation, your hair and face will be washed and from your hair, the rubber bands will be removed. Your doctor then may look to wrap the head in an elastic bandage after covering the incision with gauze padding, although there are some plastic surgeons that do not use any dressings.

Step Three

The endoscopic brow lift: Typically, the same preparation steps are required for an endoscopic forehead lift as they are for the traditional procedure: the hair is trimmed where the incisions will be made behind the hairline and the hair is tied back.
However, in place of one long coronal incision being made, Dr. Nikolov will make a few scalp incisions, perhaps three, four or five, and these will all be less than one inch in length. Through one of the incisions made, an endoscope will be inserted, permitting the surgeon a clear view of the tissues and muscles beneath the skin. Then through a different incision another instrument will be inserted, the skin of the forehead lifted and the underlying tissues and muscles removed or to produce a smoother appearance, carefully altered. Then by sutures beneath the surface of the skin, the eyebrows may also be lifted and into a higher position secured.

The scalp incisions will be closed with clips or stitches when the lift is complete and the entire area will be washed. Then, depending on Dr. Nikolov’s preference, gauze and an elastic bandage may be used.



The patient that has a classic brow lift may have a different experience post-operative than the patient who endoscopically had the procedure done.

Some patients may experience some numbness and temporary discomfort during recovery, all of which prescription medication can control.

To keep the swelling down, you may be told for two or three days to keep the head elevated. Within a week or so, all swelling should begin to disappear.

Itching on top of the scalp may replace numbness as the nerves continue to heal. This can take up to six months to completely disappear.

Around the incision, some hair may fall out or thin temporarily. Within a few weeks or months, normal growth will resume.

There may be some numbness, mild swelling and incision discomfort experienced by endoscopic brow lift patients.
Usually minimal will be any incision site pain and if necessary, it can be controlled by medication. And less of the itching sensation will be felt by endoscopic brow lift patients than those that have had the classic lift.

Usually removed within a week are the staples or stitches used to close the incisions. Within two weeks, temporary fixation screws are removed.


You should plan on taking it easy for about a week after surgery, even though you will be up in a day or two. And within two days or so, after the bandage is removed, you will be able to shower and shampoo your hair.

In a week or ten days, most patients are back to school or work. But any activity that increases your blood pressure should be limited for several weeks. And sun exposure for several months should be limited as well.

Within about three weeks, most physical signs of the surgery should fade away completely. And your energy level will continue to improve as you continue to get better.


Most patients are totally pleased with their brow lift results. They are feeling and looking so much younger then they had been.
The brow lift can minimize the aging appearance for years and at some future time, you may decide to opt for another one.

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