Winning By A Nose – Natural And Balanced

People take for granted the ability to inhale through their nose, free and clear, and not be plagued with terrible sinusitis allergies, and other breathing problems that many have due to the internal structure of their most prominent facial feature. The nose becoming out of balance on the face because of genetics or injury has the greatest transformative potential of any procedure. Breathing problems, exacerbated by seasonal allergies and Santa Ana winds, can come to the surface and make a person’s life miserable, but there are wonderful surgical options to consider.

Dr. Nikolov’s philosophy is a natural, balanced rhinoplasty (nose job) that is balanced with the rest of the facial features. This procedure can often create a dramatically straighter or smaller nose, if the patient has a disproportionately large nose, or it can be a very subtle tip reshaping. In some cases Dr. Nikolov performs successful revisions of badly rendered nasal surgeries from other surgeons to the relief of so many patients. Some patients have come to us with multiple collapsed areas and fractures in the nose and are given the amazing gift of clear nasal breathing after surgery, thanks to Dr. Nikolov’s artistry and experience performing this surgery.

The dramatic results of a proportional rhinoplasty are life-changing. Please visit our before and after gallery to see how transformative this procedure can be.

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