Why Breast Augmentation Continues to Be the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Year After Year

Whether they are full and round or flat and subtle, breasts have been equated with beauty, abundance, and fertility since the Ancient Egyptians carved images of women into the walls of the pyramids. But women have come a long way since they were admired only for their ability to perpetuate the population. Why does breast augmentation surgery continue to be the most popular cosmetic surgery in the US year after year?

1. Time and gravity take their toll. 

Collagen is the component of our skin that is responsible for its suppleness and elasticity. In our teens and 20's, collagen production is high, resulting in a dewy, youthful glow. After about age 30, collagen production begins to slow down, decreasing by as much as 1 percent year after year. This process means that the skin all over your body loses its elasticity, making it more likely to droop, sag, and wrinkle over time. This sagging is especially apparent as the weight of your breasts causes the skin to stretch, without the prospect of bouncing back.

2. Pregnancy and childbirth wreak havoc on a woman's body.

Whether you give birth at age 25 or 45, there is no getting around the chaos that pregnancy and childbirth bring to your entire body. Whether they nurse or not, many women report that their breasts feel "deflated" after going through the 25-40 pound weight fluctuation commonly associated with having a baby. Clothes do not fit the way they should, bra sizes change, and a woman's confidence is ultimately affected. 

3. New breast augmentation surgery techniques offer better results than ever before.

In the not-so-distant past, women who had breast augmentation surgery were left with results that did not look natural. Improved surgical techniques and new implant options mean that breast augmentation surgery is not only safer than ever, it offers women fully customizable results. At the Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer the latest techniques in breast augmentation for the results of your dreams. A woman who is happy with her breast size but is simply looking for a little fullness may opt for a fat transfer breast augmentation. High-strength cohesive silicone implants mean more natural looking and natural feeling results after a traditional breast augmentation. Teardrop-shaped "gummy bear" implants mimic the natural shape of a breast making it harder than ever to tell if you've had augmentation surgery.

4. Recovery from breast augmentation surgery happens in record time. 

One of the biggest obstacles to having breast augmentation surgery has always been recovery time and the risk of scar tissue and sensation loss as a result of the surgery. New techniques allow surgeons to disrupt the natural breast tissue as little as possible, leaving minimal scarring and a lower risk of infection. Rather than experiencing months of decreased activity and swelling accompanied by days of bleeding and weeks of incision care, women who have breast augmentation surgery at the Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery find they can return to modified activity in just a few days and to full activity in a few, short weeks.

Whether you are considering breast augmentation surgery or are ready to pull the trigger on a new you, let the Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery guide you through the process. Schedule your appointment today.

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