When Is The Best Time To Have Plastic Surgery?

When Is the Best Time to Have Surgery?

Scheduling your plastic surgery procedure can be a bit of a challenge at times. Appointments have to be made, work schedules must be considered and recovery time cannot be underutilized. These elements are important to keep in mind as you choose the best time to undergo your life-changing procedure.


Give Yourself Time

Most procedures typically require a few days of rest for recovery. In addition to those days, some procedures require patients to avoid direct sunlight and strenuous activities for several weeks. If the procedure you are interested in permits you to return to work after three to four days, consider scheduling it right before or during a holiday weekend. If the recommended recovery time is longer, such as 10 days to two weeks, look at your calendar and see where holidays might overlap. For example, Christmas of 2014 and New Year’s Day of 2015 fall on Thursdays. If you were to schedule a procedure that requires 10 to two weeks of recovery during the week of Christmas, you would miss only five or six days of work instead of the usual 10 that comes from scheduling during non-holiday times.


Think Seasonally

While each season has its own pros and cons for procedures, fall and winter, especially during or after October, is an ideal time for plastic surgery. Whether it is breast augmentation or liposuction, winter allows you to dress in layers, wear scarves and turtlenecks and ultimately conceal physical changes you may not be ready to reveal. By the time spring begins, however, you will be able to shed those extra layers and think of swimsuit season without a shred of intimidation.


Schedule Early

After consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon about your procedure, schedule your surgery right away. Do not put it off. Because holidays are so popular, scheduling appointments at those times can be difficult and is best done months in advance. You may find that some holiday times require being scheduled a year in advance. If that is the case and you feel you cannot wait, look at other periods in your own schedule that can serve as an alternative. Maybe you know your workload will lighten in April and you can afford a few extra days off. Perhaps you have leftover vacations days that you can make us of now. But remember, no matter what the circumstance, factor in your recovery time. Your body will thank you for it in the short-term and the long run.

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