When Breast Implant Replacement Is a Good Idea

Breast implants are the best way to get the breasts you desire in a safe procedure. Implant surgery usually goes smoothly, followed by a few weeks of healing. Scar tissue, also known as a capsule, forms around the implant during the healing process. 

However, sometimes the scar tissue around the implant will be overly thick and may contract, making your breast harder and distorted. This capsular contraction can cause inflammation and pain. The recommended treatment is a capsulectomy, which is the removal of the scar tissue and replacement of the implants.  

At The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, we are here to provide you with top quality aesthetic services to help you look and feel beautiful. Dr. Nicholas Nikolov is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been a leading authority in the plastic surgery field for over 20 years. Dr. Nikolov and his friendly, professional staff are here to support you along your aesthetic journey, helping to reveal your natural beauty. 

When breast implant replacement is a good idea

Following breast implant surgery, you have a few weeks of healing during which the incisions heal, and a layer of scar tissue forms around the implants. A certain amount of discomfort is normal during this time, at the site of the incisions and around the implants.

However, sometimes the scar tissue doesn’t form correctly, and it becomes tough and hard, tightening around the implant and squeezing it. This is known as a capsular contraction. This can cause significant discomfort and distort the shape of the breast, causing symptoms such as:

Sometimes capsular contraction occurs within a few weeks or months of your breast implant procedure, but sometimes it doesn’t occur until years later. If you have any unusual or uncomfortable symptoms following your breast implant surgery, it’s important to notify your doctor to get it checked out. 

Before recommending a capsulectomy, Dr. Nikolov completes a full physical examination, reviews your medical and procedure history, and determines if this is the right procedure for you. He talks with you about what the procedure entails, so you understand what to expect.  

The breast implant replacement procedure

To complete the capsulectomy, Dr. Nikolov makes incisions to remove the existing implants and the surrounding tissue. He then inserts new implants that are covered in a skin substitute known as a dermal matrix. This provides a layer of material made out of collagen to which your body can attach a layer of scar tissue. 

After your procedure, Dr. Nikolov carefully monitors your healing process to ensure that your scar tissue is forming correctly. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, support from Dr. Nikolov is just a phone call away.

Breast implant surgery is typically successful, but sometimes the scar tissue around the implants doesn’t form as it should. The scar tissue can become rigid and tough and end up squeezing the implant, leading to pain and a misshapen breast. Breast implant replacement surgery can correct this issue. 

To learn more about breast implant replacement or other plastic surgery treatments, set up an appointment by calling our office or using our online booking system.

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