Self-Conscious About the Size of Your Breasts? Consider a Reduction

When it comes to breast size, bigger isn’t always better. Breasts that are disproportionately large can cause a raft of physical and emotional problems. If you find that your breasts are too big, Dr. Nicholas Nikolov at The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery, who is a specialist in breast reduction surgery, can give you a through evaluation and discuss the size that’s right for you.

When are breasts too big?

Aesthetically, the perfect breast size is personal. But they can be considered too big if you’re self-conscious about their size or if they’re leading to health problems. Physically, disproportionately large breasts, also called macromastia, can cause the following health problems.

When is a good time for breast reduction surgery?

While breast reduction surgery can be performed safely on patients in their mid teens and older, many cosmetic surgeons prefer that patients wait until they’re 18. Furthermore, if patients get a breast reduction procedure before their breasts are fully developed, they may need a second surgery later.

What is breast reduction surgery?

The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from your breasts. During the procedure, Dr. Nikolov typically makes an incision down the breast and around the areola. He then removes excess breast skin, tissue, and fat, to decrease the breast size. He then reshapes each breast, repositioning the areola and nipple.

The aim is to achieve breast symmetry, although variations in breast shape and size can occur. Surgery scars will fade with time, but they won’t completely disappear.

After the surgery, gauze dressings and bandages will cover your breasts, and a drainage tube may be placed under each arm. Dr. Nikolov will likely prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to fight discomfort and infection.

In the week or two following your surgery, you should take it easy. You shouldn’t engage in strenuous activity, exercise, or lifting heavy objects.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

Most breast reduction surgeries go well in the United States, but like other surgeries, there is the possibility for infection, bleeding, or a bad reaction to anesthesia. Other risks could include:

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, book an appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Nicholas Nikolov at The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery today

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