Neurotoxin Injections And It’s Many Uses

Botox is a great non-surgical treatment that can be used on a variety of places for a variety of reasons.  While its main use is to give patients a well-rested, fresh look, it’s functionality makes it one of the most beneficial treatments plastic surgeons can perform.  Whether you plan to attend an event and want to impress or simply wish to add a touch of youthfulness to your face, a little bit of Botox can help you achieve those desired results.

The Big Three:

The three major places where Botox is injected on patients are frown lines (the area between the eyebrows), the forehead and crow’s feet (lines that form around and at the corners of the eyes).  Because Botox reduces muscle movement, frown line injections have also been known to relieve the frequency of migraines.  Injections on the forehead turn horizontal lines into a smooth surface, and small doses can relax wrinkles around the eyes and temporarily prevent more from forming. While these three are the most popular areas for Botox injections, there are several other to consider.

Additional Areas:


Over time, chins can appear dimply with certain facial expressions.  Botox relaxes the chin muscles to give it a smoother look and the corners of the mouth can also be lifted.


The jaw muscle – the Masseter muscle – defines the lower shape of your jaw.  Injections to this area typically reduce the bulge of the jaw and give a narrower appearance to the face.  Botox may also alleviate jaw pain caused by grinding of the teeth.


Vertical lines on the upper and/or lower lips are often referred to as “smoker lines” or “lipstick lines”.  Regardless of how they came to exist on a patients’ face, those lines around the mouth can be smoothed by Botox.


The platysmal bands, which are the folds under the chin are exaggerated when tightened and this is often a sign of an aging neck.  Injecting into the bands under the chin can greatly improve them by relaxing the muscles and creates a smoother neck contour and it can restore youthfulness to the area.


A few units to the base of any nose may be able to narrow the width, and keep the tip from pointing down – especially when smiling.  Age can make the tip of the nose “fall” and appear larger, but with a few injections, the tip of the nose is lifted, giving the patient a younger-looking expression.


One of the most functional purposes Botox serves is preventing excessive sweat (hyperhidrosis).  A few injections to the armpit can vastly reduce the amount of underarm sweat.  Botox may also be used for this purpose in other areas.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this information allows you to make educated decisions on how you would like to use Botox.

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