Myths and Facts About Hair Transplants

Men — and women — have fought the battle against baldness since ancient times. Some have tried unorthodox, if not downright bizarre, treatments over the centuries. France’s Louis XIII wore a toupee “fit for a king,” while odd-looking gadgets with helmets that applied heat and suction to the scalp caught the eyes of consumers in the 1920s and 1930s. 

A Japanese surgeon attempted the first surgical grafting in 1939, while a New York City dermatologist, Dr. Norman Orentreich, conceived of the first crude transplant procedure. Early results didn’t look sophisticated, but it turned out that they were on to something.

Fast forward to today, and a hair transplant is no longer an option you should dismiss. The process has been greatly refined. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Nicholas Nikolov of the Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery offers an advanced, minimally invasive procedure that has transformed our patients’ lives: the NeoGraftⓇ hair transplant. Dr. Nikolov has perfected the procedure and is a sought-after expert in this specialty, as well as his entire field. 

What does a hair transplant entail?

During a NeoGraft hair transplant procedure, Dr. Nikolov takes hair follicles from a location where your hair remains, like the back of your head, and repositions them at the site where you’re experiencing thinning or balding. 

Incredibly, your hair continues growing from the relocated follicles.

What are some common misconceptions about hair transplants? 

Most people aren’t aware of how far hair transplants have come in the last several decades. Incorrect beliefs persist about the procedure and its results. Some falsely belief that a hair transplant: 

The evolution of hair transplants started like many other procedures. Early attempts yielded less-than-ideal outcomes, but the more innovators tinkered with the procedure, the better it got. 

What makes the NeoGraft hair transplant different?

NeoGraft offers a higher tech way to harvest your hair called follicular unit extraction, or FUE. Markedly less invasive than older methods, NeoGraft involves extracting your still-active follicles individually and repositioning them in your bare scalp sections, an exacting but ultimately rewarding process.  

Previous generations of transplanting methods required your surgeon to relocate entire strips from your scalp, a process that was not only invasive, but also left pronounced scars. NeoGraft requires no staples, stitches, or even a scalpel. 

This procedure results in an equally contrasting, but far superior, post-surgical outcome: downtime of just a day or two, virtually no visible scarring, and best of all, realistic and long-lasting results. 

Little-known facts about hair transplants

The natural post-surgical progression of hair growth involves the hair from the relocated follicles falling out over a period of several weeks. This process makes way for the exciting new growth that you see in about three to four months. 

You should understand, though, that this surgery cannot prevent further balding in the future. Your overall balding pattern is unique to you, but Dr. Nikolov can study your scalp and learn about what your progression might look like. Some patients benefit from multiple procedures.

The breakthrough for balding that is NeoGraft

If your overall health is good and you have enough hair on the back of your scalp to harvest for the transplant, you’re likely a good-to-go NeoGraft candidate. Review the “Before and Afters” section of our website, where you’ll see actual patients who’ve had NeoGraft. 

The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery operates two clinics, one in Beverly Hills and another in Madrid, Spain. Call us or book a consultation online to learn more about NeoGraft and how to arrange for the procedure.  

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