How To Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

When spring time rolls around, it always brings a renewed and refreshed energy with it.  We spring clean our homes and closets, and we want to share the importance of spring cleaning your skin care routine and products.

A good habit to follow is to check the expiration dates on all your products, including makeup.  Whether, it’s your serum or mascara, they all expire and using older products can increase your chances of a breakout or a bacterial infection.  What’s also important is to check the expiration on your sunscreen and if it’s expired be sure to toss it because it won’t protect your skin anymore but it can also clog pores and lead to skin irritation.  Typically, the shelf life of most products can range from three to six months, ideally, you should get in the habit of going through your makeup and skin care twice a year.

There should be a few staples in your skin care routine including; cleanser, a serum and or retinoic acid, an eye cream, and a moisturizer that has SPF in it.  The choice is yours to have separate moisturizer without sunscreen to wear at night but your daily moisturizer should have sunscreen.

Once you have you staples picked out, it’s a good idea to get rid of old products and organize the new ones.  It’s also good time to wash all your makeup brushes, this is something that should be done weekly.  There are specific brush cleansers but any anti-bacterial cleanser will work.

Spring cleaning your skin care routine is simple, but effective to improve your skin and maintain a healthy complexion throughout the spring and summer.

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