FaceTite: Take Years Off Your Face Without Scarring

what is FaceTite, benefits from the FaceTite procedure, FaceTite: Take Years Off Your Face Without Scarring

Yes, we all want to look younger. A youthful appearance is desired by so many of us. But certain procedures can be too involved, complicated, and have unwanted side effects. Now there is a fairly new, minimally invasive procedure that can take years off your face. Perhaps the best part is that it can be done with little downtime, under local anesthesia, and without scarring.

When you come in to visit with Dr. Nicholas Nikolov of The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery

in Beverly Hills, California, you can learn all about the amazing treatment option called FaceTite. It will remove unwanted fat and tighten your skin and can do wonders for your cheeks, chin, jowls and neck.

FaceTite gives you youth without scarring

Though commonly known as FaceTite, the procedure is technically radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL). It uses thermal energy from radiofrequency waves to get rid of the fat none of us want and at the same time tightens the skin. It’s like two amazing treatments in one.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll go under local anesthesia, and then Dr. Nikolov will make a small incision in the area you want targeted. He’ll then insert an electrode that transmits the radiofrequency. Another electrode guides the waves through the fatty tissue, and as the fat is literally liquefied and then suctioned away from the body. Because the waves can also increase collagen production, it’s like getting a third amazing benefit.

The treatment (RFAL) can also be applied to other body parts, like arms, legs, the buttocks and knees, hips, and the stomach area. A more youthful looking you is on the horizon. Depending on what you want to achieve, this may just be the procedure for you.

More benefits from the FaceTite procedure

As mentioned above, because this treatment is minimally invasive and only requires very small incisions, there is only a small chance of scarring, infection, bruising and post-procedure pain. Other procedures cannot offer this claim and side benefit. Normal recovery time is one to two days, and you can get back to the office or your regular routine the next day.

What’s also great is that this procedure can complement other work you might have done or can be a standalone treatment. No matter what you do, we’ll always recommend healthy eating and exercise, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep you looking as young as you want to. Come on into The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery and let us give you more confidence in your appearance. Call us for an appointment, or request a consultation online.

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