Face-lift or Eye Lift: Which Is Better for You?

If you’re looking for a long-term fix to stubborn aging signs, you may be wondering what procedure works best for achieving a youthful appearance. 

Both face-lifts and eye lifts are popular procedures in the United States. In 2018, over 200,000 people had an eye lift and over 120,000 had a face-lift.

However, these two procedures address different concerns. Face-lifts are more invasive and comprehensive, and they involve changes to the entire face. Eye lifts, on the other hand, focus on rejuvenating the eye area. 

To help you decide which one is right for you, our specialist, Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, explains what concerns these procedures address and who’s the best candidate for them.

Tired, droopy eyelids vs facial wrinkles and jowls

First, determine your biggest concern. Is it the eye area that bothers you more, or is it facial wrinkles and a loss of volume in the face?

Patients with tired, droopy eyelids benefit the most from an eye lift. This procedure removes the extra skin and fat that droop over your eyelid without leaving any visible scars.

However, if you suffer from deep creases and a loss of volume in the lower and middle part of your face, consider opting for a face-lift. 

If you’re unhappy with both your eye area and deep facial lines, don’t worry. You can combine the procedures. 

Recovery times and longevity of results 

An eye lift involves local anesthesia, and the recovery process usually takes a week or two. In the meantime, you may experience swelling and bruising. 

Though an eye lift doesn't halt aging, results can last up to seven years. 

The downtime expected from a face-lift is anywhere between 10 and 14 days, depending on your overall health and if you have other procedures along with it. For the first few days after the surgery, you may have to wear drainage tubes to prevent liquid and blood buildup and rest with your head elevated. 

The rejuvenated look created by a face-lift is expected to last anywhere between 10-15 years. 

Turn back the clock 

One study found that patients who decided to improve their appearance with cosmetic procedures reported higher happiness and confidence levels when compared with the group who decided against plastic surgery. 

If you believe a rejuvenated appearance would help you feel more confident, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicholas Nikolov and receive expert advice on what to do next. 

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