EmbraceRF — A Minimally Invasive Alternative to a Facelift

With aging comes wisdom, but also facial creases and a sagging neck. You may value your life experiences, but the changes in your face and neck? Not so much.

You might have axed the idea of a surgical facelift because it’s too invasive. Not to mention, the pain, bruising, and overall downtime post-surgery seems overwhelming. The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery, however, offers the ideal alternative. 

Dr. Nicholas Nikolov is highly skilled in administering a relatively new, minimally invasive procedure called, EmbraceRF. This effective treatment redefines and restores your jawline and face. Interested? Keep reading and visit our website’s “Before and After” gallery for more proof.

What is EmbraceRF? 

The bones are the strengthening foundation of the face, and as we get older, gravity takes its toll. Are you tired of wearing scarves or turtlenecks in an attempt to hide crepey skin and saggy folds under your chin? It’s time to consider EmbraceRF. This treatment offers you major advantages over surgery and provides amazing results. 

How does EmbraceRF work?

The technology works by maximizing the power of heat. Dr. Nikolov directs a small instrument that emits radio frequency energy under your skin to manipulate your tissue. He treats tissue that’s right under your skin and tissue that's deeper. Dr. Nikolov simultaneously directs the heat onto the outer layer of your skin via a special EmbraceRF handheld device. 

The innovation that EmbraceRF brings to aesthetics is that it essentially relocates fat from your face by depositing it in strategically determined spots in your neck. In other instances, unwanted fat is heated and suctioned out from under your skin. 

The end result is a firmer, redesigned, and refreshed jawline. The treatment also helps firm loose skin around your face, if that’s the change you want.

What are the benefits of EmbraceRF?

Unlike a traditional facelift, EmbraceRF is minimally invasive so you have none of the discomfort and inconvenience afterward. Here are some other benefits: 

And the results? Well, they’re nothing short of miraculous. Your firmer skin and jawline will emerge very quickly, with peak results showing at around six weeks post-surgery. You’ll continue to see improvement over the next six months post-surgery as well. 

To get a better idea of how EmbraceRF works, check out this spot on the TV news magazine show Extra, which features Dr. Nikolov talking with actress Michelle Stafford about her procedure. You’ll be amazed when you see her results. 

Start moving toward a stronger jawline and firmer skin

All it takes is a consultation with Dr. Nikolov to find out everything you need to know about EmbraceRF. Erase those lines, improve your skin’s texture, and banish your double chin and neck sag for good!

Contact our conveniently located office here to book an appointment today. 

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