Cosmetic Injectables Give You Something to Smile About This Holiday Season

’Tis the season! Whether you're going to deck the halls, attend a company party, meet friends for festive cocktails, or visit family and friends for the holidays, you want to arrive in style. That’s why Dr. Nicholas Nikolov offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures at The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, to help you look youthful, feel confident, and maintain your natural look.

Dr. Nikolov offers several different cosmetic injectables at his world-renowned clinic. Here, he shares some of the main benefits of injectables, which are growing in popularity, and reveals why they can give you something to smile about this holiday season.

Cosmetic injectables 101

Cosmetic injectables improve your overall appearance by reducing the signs of aging. They’re specialized serum injections that Dr. Nikolov inserts just under your skin, typically on your face. They work to minimize lines and wrinkles, add fullness, and plump up sunken skin. 

The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery provides a full menu of injectables, including:

Wrinkle relaxers

Facial fillers

Dr. Nikolov can discuss your many options and help guide you to the right product for the look you want.

Benefits of cosmetic injectables

Dr. Nikolov has 25 years of experience administering injectables. He’s seen them soar in popularity for their many benefits, several of which are listed here.

No downtime

Gone are the days when you have to take time away from work after a cosmetic procedure. With injectables, you can schedule an appointment on your lunch break and go right back to your regular activities afterward. You may have slight swelling at the injection site, but it resolves in as little as a few hours.

Instant, lasting results

One of the reasons people are flocking to our clinic for cosmetic injectables is because they don’t have to wait to achieve their desired look. The results are instantaneous. In addition, injectables provide excellent results that last for up to a full year. 

Low risk

Cosmetic injectables are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. When you choose a skilled provider like Dr. Nikolov, a cosmetic injection is a safe procedure that poses minimal risk.


When compared to the cost of plastic surgery, cosmetic injectables are a fraction of the price.

Dr. Nikolov works with you to individualize your treatment, explaining which injectables can best fit your specific needs and goals. To get holiday-ready, call the office to request your personal consultation or use the online scheduling option.

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