Anti-Aging With Fractora, What Is All The Fuss About?

What is Fractora?

Fractora, is a radio-frequency device that delivers the energy through micro-needles. It is bipolar, which means that the energy is transmitted from the needles to a side bar on the tip. This allows for not only heating around the micro-needles but also for deep bulk heating of the tissue and, thus, significantly more skin tightening. The micro-needles vary in length and this allows flexibility as to which layer of the skin and, thus, which specific problem is addressed. Pigmentation, broken capillaries, fine and deep wrinkles can be treated. The silicone coated micro-needles, where only the tip is exposed and conducts energy, allow for significant tightening of the skin while avoiding pigmentation issues while minimizing recovery time.

Who can benefit from Fractora?

Fractora, is for anyone who wants to increase the skin tightness, decrease wrinkles and improve skin texture, basically, decrease the signs of aging. It can be used on the face, body, or extremities. I believe, it is also the best treatment for most acne scarring. If you are Hispanic, Asian, or African-American, most lasers are not even in the discussion, Fractora treatment may still be a good option for you.


Another one of the benefits to Fractora is the short recovery.  The downtime is only a few days and varies based on the aggressiveness of the treatment and patient’s skin. Topical anesthesia is usually sufficient, but for those who worry, more is available if necessary.  No pain medication is required after the procedure.  The sun is no one’s friend after any procedure but Fractora treatments tend to create fewer problems than any laser I’ve used.

I can achieve by far the most skin tightening as well as treat acne scars, active acne, skin pigmentation, and broken capillaries with Fractora. The ability to use it in darker skin types along with relatively short recovery time and consistently great results makes it irreplaceable in my practice.

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